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Spread over a stimulating 30,000 sq. ft. canvas at Chennai, India, this FT Design Center is testimony to the criticality of design from ideation through implementation and on-going interrogation of evolving dynamics.

8012 FT Design Center is divided into 6 exploration-through-enablement zones.  AEDE principles   (Absorb – Engage – Discover – Enable) are an integral part of the design thinking, process and work flow.

  1. Pi : Reflect on design and its impact on financial technology. Consider the inflection points of innovation in banking and insurance. Prepare the Design Mind!
  2. DesignLabs :Interrogate each of the complexity dimensions. As you seek competitive advantage in the experience economy, smooth progression from adoption to providing an addictive experience requires firing on all cylinders of the 7 COPARIS dimensions. How does your enterprise stack up on the unforgiving COPARIS Index?
  3. Design Space :  Decode the elusive connect between Business Design, Technology Design, and Operations Design in specially engineered areas. Navigate the complexities of eco-system and legacy realities in real time. Explore current and future-forward solutions in a role-based environment!
  4. Zf : Powered by green energy harnessed from the wind and the sun, Tomorrow’s Room is the future. Self –sustaining. Engaging.Nimble. Where technology is the enabler it should be. The tablet branch, rapid diffusion analytics, cross-silos ; multi-entity and borderless dialogues. Prepare for life in the ‘morrow!
  5. ADRs : Intense solution design specific to your needs. Challenge statement-to-prototype solution development at Application Design Rooms (D1 and D2).  Hands-on solution familiarity.Enhanced training modules. Advanced bookings required for 1 through 4 week discovery sessions!
  6. Omega : The guided high performance work out for homogenous and cross-functional business unit teams, to challenge limiting beliefs, address constraints, and architect solutions. Remove inefficiencies by connecting the dots. The Solution Design zone is an advanced collaborative design facility.